March, 2007
Issue Number 3.

Table of Contents

About this issue of the Bulletin
by Jon Gettman

Political Strategies for Reform

Cannabis Policy Reform in the United States
Table 1. Selected Commissions and Reports Favoring Reform of Cannabis Laws

by Doug McVay

Lessons from Alaska's Proposition 2
By Mariann Garner-Wizard

Medical Cannabis and the Public Policy Process
By Jon Gettman

Legal Strategies for Reform

DEA Administrative Law Judge Finds DEA Obstruction of Medical Marijuana Research Against Public Interest
By Jag Davies and Rick Doblin, Ph.D.

Sacramental Cannabis Lawsuit Challenges Marijuana Prohibition On Establishment and Free Exercise of Religion
By Carl Olsen

ASA Files Lawsuit Challenging Federal Government’s Claim that “Marijuana Has No Accepted Medical Value”
By Caren Woodsen

More on Medical Marijuana

The Distinction Between Marinol, Dronabinol, and Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
by Jon Gettman

Marijuana As Medicine, a 1986 column
By Arnold S. Trebach, Ph.D.

Update: Twenty Plus Years After
Trebach's Column on Marijuana as Medicine

By Jon Gettman


Hemp in the Post-War Era:
The Hemp Millers' Exemption from Marihuana Taxes

by Jon Gettman






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