Advertising Disclosure

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Our mission remains the same as it has for the past 20 years… we’re dedicated to public service and knowledge about the benefits of hemp and other cannabis products as well as advocating for those products in the public form. When we review products or services our intent is always to provide completely bias free suggestions. Our rigorous process for rating and reviewing products will always be unbiased.

However the cost of running this site has reached an amount that has forced us to seek some sources of revenue in order to keep the hosting bills paid. So that we may deliver free service to our readers we do receive an affiliate commission from some companies mentioned on the site.

When we list companies we’ve reviewed on the site we do so in a way that is without influence by ensuring our editors and review process are disconnected from the affiliate compensation. When our readers click on a link to a company or their product we may receive a commission from the company. Those referrals are tracked only when we have an affiliate relationship and in other instances they are not tracked and we receive no compensation.

The advertising policy is operated in full compliance with the guidelines issued by the Federal Trade Commission. These guidelines are created and maintained to be sure no consumers are deceived and to ensure they are receiving exactly the product they expect they are paying for. is committed to full transparency and ensuring our readers can clearly see the affiliate relationships we have established with some brands mentioned on our site.