December, 2006
Issue Number 2.

Table of Contents

Special Report:

Marijuana Production in the United States (2006)
by Jon Gettman

Entire Report (356 kb pdf)

Executive Summary


Estimation Procedures

Domestic Marijuana Production

Comparison with other Cash Crops

Policy Analysis and Recommendations

Appendix - Marijuana Production by State (204 kb pdf)

Appendix 1 - Outdoor Marijuana Cultivation by State

Appendix 2 - Indoor Marijuana Cultivation by State

Appendix 3 - Total Marijuana Cultivation by State


About the Author

DEA Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program:
Reports and Statistics (1982 - 2005)

Marijuana and Conventional Crop Values, by State

Marijuana Cultivation (1995), by Jon Gettman:
Excerpts from the 1995 Marijuana Rescheduling Petition

(Use top navigational menus to return to the Bulletin of Cannabis Reform)

Cannabis Eradication - Introduction

Cannabis Eradication and the Price of Marijuana

Effects of Cannabis Eradication on Cultivation Trends and General Availability

Federalization of Marijuana Cultivation Offenses

Paramilitary Marijuana Operations Expand

Cannabis Eradication: Self-Evaluation by the DEA

DEA Estimates of Domestic Marijuana Cultivation: Extent and Value

Critique of DEA Eradication Program Data

Notes (Includes notes for non-eradication material in this section of the 1995 rescheduling petition that precedes these excerpts)

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