Marijuana Arrests by Montana Law Enforcement Agencies with Special Jurisdiction, (2007)

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Black Pct.
15 to 19
Age 15 to 19
Other Drug Arrests
Montana State University-Billings Police 4 4 0 0% 4 100% 0


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This is a wide category of law enforcement agencies that, unlike most local and county police departments, have jurisidictions that do not correspond to a geographic area or are not associated with an exclusive population. These agencies do not report a coverage population to the Uniform Crime Reporting Program and therefore arrest rates can not be calculated for these agencies. The type of agencies in this category vary from state to state, but often include university police agencies, divisions of the state police, transit authority police, and Departments of Parks and Recreation. University police agenices are in this category because student population include individuals who live off-campus as well as on-campus. Many, but not all, state polioce agencies have overlapping jurisidction with local and county police agencies, as do transit authority pooice agencies. The defining characteristic for listing these agencies together, though, is that they do not report population coverage areas to the Uniform Crijme Reporting Program. Because these agencies are often responsible for significant numbers of marijuana arrests and are not included in other tables based on arrest rates they are reported here. However, the arrests of these agencies are reported in county and state level tables.

Other drug crimes refers to drug-related offenses that to no include marijuana. These include sales and possession offenses involving the following catefories of drugs:

Opiates/Cocaine: This category includes opium, cocaine, and their derivatives. Opiate derivatives include, for example, morphine, heroin, and codeine. Cocaine derivative include crack cocaine.

Synthetic Narcotics: This category includes manufactured narcotics and includes, for example, Demerol , methadone, and Oxycontin.

Other Drugs: This category includes dangerous non-narcotic drugs and includes, for example, barbiturates, benzedrine, LSD, methamphetamine, and PCP.

Source: Uniform Crime Reporting Program Data

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